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Our feature, shop the look, has been running a little while now. The aim is to break down key looks by item in order to build stylish, practical and versatile outfits that are all easier to dress.

Someone who saw the look and 'Shopped the Look' is Ann from Tunbridge Wells. Ann had been told she had Parkinson's, but this was identified in October as PSP. Misdiagnosis of PSP (ProgressiveSupranuclear Palsy) initially is common as it is a Parkinson's-like neurological condition caused by premature loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain.  It can affect balance, movement, vision, speech and swallowing. Currently around 4,000 people in the UK have a diagnosis of PSP. Ann in particular, flagged mobility, walking in particular but also dressing into clothing is proving to become more of a struggle.

Having heard about The Able Label at a group she attends, she contacted us to say 'how delighted she was to learn of our existence'. Ann particularly liked our ‘Shop the Look’ feature covering the white Imogen Shirt paired with the Debbie Maxi Skirt in navy look. We therefore took the clothes along to her group enabling her to try the shirt and maxi skirt on.

Shop the Look - white shirt with navy maxi skirt easy to dress
Shop the Look - easy dressing white shirt with navy maxi skirt

The shirt looks as though it is button fastening however with the buttons only for display, the shirt is in fact secured using Velcro at the center front. Particularly in white, the shirt is a staple piece they can be used to create a variety of looks - smart or casual. Likewise, the maxi skirt in navy is also a staple item, which can be layered around.

Neat on the shoulders with room from the waist down, the shirt was extremely flattering yet made Ann feel comfortable. The shirt fitted so well, Ann bought it in three of the four colours available. Initially unsure of the red, as soon as she tried it on, she loved it and the way it warmed her beautiful complexion. After following up to see how Ann was getting on with the shirts, she advised she found it ‘much easier to get on and off due to the stretchy fabric and also far simpler to fasten with Velcro’. She did give the 'top tip that to get a quicker and neater finish fastening the Velcro at the front, secure the first four Velcro squares before allowing the natural drape to align the remaining fastenings which you can then pat closed'.

The maxi skirt at 97cm / 38.2" was too long for Ann so for a small fee, we arranged for the skirt length to be reduced so she didn’t have the hassle of dealing with it. Actioning this quickly for Ann, she was able to take it away with her on a weeks stitching break. Eliminating the need to pull up from the ground, she found the wrap around skirt much easier than a regular skirt with balance required to dress into it reduced.

We leave you with an image of Ann having 'Shopped the Look'. I am sure you will agree how lovely she looks and what an inspiration she is.

To find to more about PSP, visit the PSP Association website 
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Ann 'Shopped the Look' - Imogen Shirt and Debbie Maxi Skirt
Ann 'Shopped the Look' wearing Imogen Shirt (Blossom White) and Debbie Maxi Skirt (Shibori Navy)

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