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As we are half way through Dementia Awareness week, we wanted to let you know about a fantastic new company who we are working alongside called Unforgettable.

A fairly new company, “Unforgettable aims to improve the lives of those living with memory loss and dementia by bringing together specialised products, practical advice and a supportive community.”

James Ashwell with Mum Fay
James Ashwell with Mum Fay

Like The Able Label Founder Katie, Unforgettable Founder James Ashwell was moved by a personal experience to start up the business. James’ Mum was in her fifties when she was diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia.

He says it was this ‘dementia journey’ that changed both their lives forever. Steadily deteriorating, James wanted to find new ways to keep his Mum busy and not sat all day in front of the TV all day. He wanted to give her a new purpose and wanted to see her face light up once more like it used to.

Unforgettable - dementia confusion

She enjoyed puzzles and colouring but James disliked having to buy children’s products for this. At this point, James found a passion for helping other people affected by dementia.  Wanting to “connect great products with the people who really need them,” he founded Unforgettable. The aim is to help carers with daily challenges they may face when looking after someone with dementia.

The Able Label is proud to be stocked by Unforgettable who can see how beneficial easier dressing adaptive clothes can be for individuals with dementia.

Poor hand dexterity is not uncommon in the beginning stages of dementia. This can impact the ability to manipulate fiddly fastening like buttons and zips that can lead to feelings of frustration and worthlessness. Individuals can go on to forget how to dress – The Able Label clothes all have colour-coordinated tape and Velcro inside to help act as a trigger when dressing. Lime is for left and red is for right.

Over time, functional clothes tend to be chosen over those, which are fashionable. This can slowly strip away self-identity. The Able Label’s adaptive clothing range is a great way of regaining independence and rediscovering self-identity.

You can see The Able Label clothing range by clicking on Unforgettable Clothing link here.

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