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The Able Label is an exciting new innovative range of ‘adaptive clothing’ with a difference. The beautiful womenswear range is designed to make dressing easier whilst maintaining style. The main focus of The Able Label is to encourage independence and self-confidence without compromising the look, quality, and style.

All our clothing has hidden features to help overcome the barriers to dressing with ease such as use of softer, stretchier, easy care fabrics, Velcro fastenings and colour-coordinated internals. No more fiddly fastenings and no need to dress items overhead!

The Able Label easier dressing, our secret
You would never know The Able Label clothes were adapted to be easier dressing,
 it's our secret!

Why join The Able Label Affiliate Programme?

If you have a website or have an active following on social media, you can help be part of our growing success by joining our Affiliates Programme. It’s very easy to set up and you’ll be associated with a new and innovative brand that is filling a much-needed gap in the market.

Our Affiliates earn 10% commission on all sales and there is the option to donate this or part of it to charity.

We offer dynamic and engaging content to help drive sales from your site including strong imagery and video demonstrations.

How does it work?

All you need to do is link to the website. Once you’re a member of the Affiliate Programme, each time somebody clicks on The Able Label link and buys something, you earn 10% commission.

You can join in 3 easy steps:
   Sign up through our Affiliate page on website
   Put The Able Label links provided on your website
   Get paid 10% commission for each sale generated as a result of your links.

Sound interesting?

If you would like more information on our Affiliates Programme, email us at

We look forward to welcoming you onto the team and sharing our growing success with you.

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